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The history of humankind is a record of awakening of the individual’s relationship to the Universe and to the Law governing all life.  As the reaity of the self to the True Self increases, new laws and new conditions are revealed.


Jesus’ dramatic and triumphant resurrection from the tomb unveiled the Law governing all life which is the revelation that lif never comes to an end.  It is only as we enlarge our relationship to the Universe and expand our concept of the Law of Life that we are able to perceive our oneness as an enternal creation of God, and that Life is a living, moving, evolving, unfolding process.  It is eternal in quality, eternal in nature.


Sometimes, we think of life as a road stretching before us.  The fact may be that there are many roads that our soul may take before the veil of separation is removed and tremendous untapped resources within are experienced and expressed.  What profound revelations lie ahead as we seek to KNOW, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life.”

Rev. Helice Greene



Our desire is to develop a practical philosophy for our life’s journey.  This we know calls for a strong discipline.  The individual must be willing to develop our faculties with conviction regarding our inner life.  We agree all extremes are imperfect.  The wisdom religion teaches us while in personality we are many, in principle we are ONE.


The cleansing of life through discipline is a call to “the wilderness.”  We will be questioned and tempted.  Each by choice will determine the path ahead.  Success and integrity are not matters of opportunity, but the evolution of consciousness.  “A house cannot be stronger than its foundation.”


Unity provides a teaching system in the unfoldment of the SOUL.  This often requires years of conscientious, connected discipline.  A person lacking patience may find this too difficult and is not ready for the study of sacred science.  Be patient, and in all things be kind, know you are one with timeless TRUTH.

Rev. Richard Billings

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“Hope springs eternal in the human breast.  Man never is, but always to be blessed.” -Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man.  It is a thin line between pessimism and optimism, and between lack consciousness and abundance awareness.   One could easily interpret Mr. Pope’s words to mean that we are likely to come up short in our journeys, and always must look to tomorrow for fulfillment.


Or perhaps it is just the opposite.  That is, no matter how bad or good it may seem, something better awaits us.  As blessed as we may be, we will become even more blessed in the next moment.  This is what distinguishes life not from death, but from stagnation.


Life is consciousness in process.  Often we may try to escape this by trying to know as little as possible.  But being alive in any way, shape or form is all about growth.  Growth is all about newness.  Newness is all about being blessed.  Openness is all about hope.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”  Whether your thoughts are about being half empty or half filled, the promise of Spirit always is that the best is yet to come.

 Rev. Michael Korpan


Unity of Oak Park is dedicated to teaching Spiritual Truth; awakening individuals to the indwelling Christ -  I AM; and putting into practice Universal Laws of Love, Peace, Prosperity, and Healing.

Affiliated with Unity School of Christianity
Lee’s Summit, MO

Member of The Association of Unity Churches



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