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In the month of September we choose to celebrate the Divine gift of Order.  Order is one of the ideas in Divine Mind/God as well as a faculty in human mind.  This Spiritual faculty helps us to unfold properly from the inside out.  Its physical center is in the area of the navel.  It is represented by the disciple James (son of Alphaeus).  In the Bible we see James present at important events during and after the ministry of Jesus.  James reminds us that all things are done in Divine Order.


In Matthew 14:19, we find Jesus, who became the Christ, using the law of Divine Order.  Jesus fed the multitude using this principle of Mind action.  Jesus commanded the people to sit.  Then He took the five loaves and two fish.  He looked to Heaven.  He blessed the fish and loaves.  He broke the bread and gave them to his disciples to distribute to the multitudes.


Order in Mind, body and affairs manifests as balance in emotions, health, joy and abundance in all forms.  This is Divine Order in operation.  Put God first, before anything that might appear as a concern in your life, world or affairs.  Then everything else will fall into its proper place.


This principle of Divine Order works in all areas of life and everyday living.  It is Heaven's first law.  As we look at the functioning of nature, the tides ebb and flow, the sun rises and sets, the seasons come and go, all in orderly fashion.  We work with this law of Divine order by affirming, decreeing and knowing that it always works in and through us.  When you live in divine order, there's always enough time to get things done.  When you pray for divine order, relationships are healed; circumstances and situations are brought into right alignment.  Physical challenges are healed, and blessings abound for any and all concerned.


If you find yourself living in a sense of hopelessness, chaos and confusion, you can lift yourself by affirming aloud and in the stillness of your soul, "I am in Divine Order, and my world and all my affairs are in Divine Order.  I am in control of my Thinking and Feelings; I now choose Divine Order."  Decree this affirmation, daily, hourly until the peace of God/Spirit lifts the clouds of chaos and confusion from  you.


At Unity of Oak Park, we offer classes, workshops and seminars teaching the Principles as taught by Jesus, who became the Christ.  Come join us as we begin classes in Lessons in Truth in September 2018.


Rev. Linda Oglesby




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In scripture, Jesus tells us that when we believe and continue in his word, we will know the Truth and the Truth shall make us free (see John 8:30-32).  Metaphysically interpreted, truth is “the absolute;” that which is, has been, and ever will be; that which is eternal.  In other words, Truth cannot and does not change.


Though we can look at a fact and say it too is truth, the Truth much more real than fact—it is at the core of who or what we are—it is unchangeable. As we study God’s word through the Jesus Christ teachings, we rise in consciousness to touch that which is Truth.


As many of us continue to strive to know and live Truth, we share Muhammed Ali’s mind-provoking thoughts on “The Truth” in his poem below, which is believed to have been written in or about 1971.


The Truth


The face of truth is open,
The eyes of truth are bright,
The lips of truth are ever closed,
The head of truth is upright.

The breast of truth stands forward,
The gaze of truth is straight,
Truth has neither fear nor doubt,
Truth has patience to wait.

The words of truth are touching,
The voice of truth is deep,
The law of truth is simple:
All that you sow you reap.

The soul of truth is flaming,
The heart of truth is warm,
The mind of truth is clear,
And firm through rain or storm.

Facts are but its shadows,
Truth stands above all sin;
Great be the battle in life,
Truth in the end shall win.

The image of truth is Christ,
Wisdom's message its rod;
Sign of truth is the cross,
Soul of truth is God.

Life of truth is eternal,
Immortal is its past,
Power of truth will endure,
Truth shall hold to the last.

—Muhammad Ali


Unity of Oak Park is dedicated to teaching Spiritual Truth; awakening individuals to the indwelling Christ -  I AM; and putting into practice Universal Laws of Love, Peace, Prosperity, and Healing.

Affiliated with Unity Institute and Seminary,   Unity Village, MO

Member of The Association of Unity Churches


9:00 AM & 11:00 AM SERVICES



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Rev. Linda Oglesby


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