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The process of making decisions can be a tumultuous and stress-filled task of the mind. In many instances, we begin the decision making process with thoughts of “not making the wrong decision,” or “with thoughts of who or what we do not want.” When we begin the process in this manner, we start hearing hundreds of troubling voices in our mind telling us first one things then another. These troubling voices is an indication that we have now embarked upon the path of “The Don’t Want Decision,” which will lead us to an end result that is not for the greater good of all --ourselves or others.


“The Don’t Want Decision” is a decision of the lower consciousness, and is void of empathy, compassion, oneness, and love – stated another way, a decision that lacks spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It is a decision that brings about disharmony, hurt, pain and separation due to distrust. It is a decision that is made outside the realm of all that is good and perfect in the eye of God. "The Don’t Want Decision” is a decision that is made in the darkness of the human mind, in the consciousness we call ego.


To avoid falling into the pit of “The Don’t Want Decision,” we must truly and honestly enter into the process of making a decision, or decisions, in the same manner as the children of Israel were instructed to do (see Ezra 8:21)---by first seeking God and asking of Him a right way for yourself and others.


Seeking God’s guidance is in line with the teaching of our brother and Saviour, Jesus the Christ, who said: “But, seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33 KJV). Metaphysically, to seek the kingdom of God means we seek to express through the Christ consciousness—the realm of divine ideas that brings perfect harmony (see The Revealing Word).


When we venture to make a decision without first consulting God, and subsequently following God’s guidance, our minds becomes entangled with the webs of deceit that leads us to making a “lack-of-wisdom” decision that does not serve anyone’s greater good; instead, it causes confusion, hurt, and pain.


In scripture, Psalm 10:4 we are told: “The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God; God is not in all his thoughts.” Speaking metaphysically, wicked (like devil) refers to a state of consciousness adverse to the divine good. Therefore, we must be diligent in getting the right understanding in order to make right decisions—God or Christ-consciousness decisions.


Though the immediate result of “The Don’t Want Decision” may sometimes have the appearance of good and one may smile at what appears to be success, we must always remember—that which is done in the darkness will surely, one day, come to the light, through the elevation of man consciousness to God/Christ-consciousness.


Therefore, let us enter not into making decisions based upon what we don’t like, where we don’t like, who we don’t like, how we don’t like, or any other form of “don’t”. Neither let us enter into making a decision with concern of making a wrong decision—for this too is a “don’t” state of mind. Rather, let us pray a Psalm of commitment to God, as stated in Psalm 121:1-2 (KJV) ”I will lift mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.”  In lifting up our eyes to God, we move into the higher consciousness where we fully express the nature of God in all our doings.


So NOW, let us all release and let go of “The Don’t Want Decision” way of making decisions, and reenter the kingdom of God wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, tempered with authentic love. And remember: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and unbraideth not; and it shall be given him” (James 1:5 KJV).


Christine Randle, LUT



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In scripture, Jesus tells us that when we believe and continue in his word, we will know the Truth and the Truth shall make us free (see John 8:30-32).  Metaphysically interpreted, truth is “the absolute;” that which is, has been, and ever will be; that which is eternal.  In other words, Truth cannot and does not change.


Though we can look at a fact and say it too is truth, the Truth much more real than fact—it is at the core of who or what we are—it is unchangeable. As we study God’s word through the Jesus Christ teachings, we rise in consciousness to touch that which is Truth.


As many of us continue to strive to know and live Truth, we share Muhammed Ali’s mind-provoking thoughts on “The Truth” in his poem below, which is believed to have been written in or about 1971.


The Truth


The face of truth is open,
The eyes of truth are bright,
The lips of truth are ever closed,
The head of truth is upright.

The breast of truth stands forward,
The gaze of truth is straight,
Truth has neither fear nor doubt,
Truth has patience to wait.

The words of truth are touching,
The voice of truth is deep,
The law of truth is simple:
All that you sow you reap.

The soul of truth is flaming,
The heart of truth is warm,
The mind of truth is clear,
And firm through rain or storm.

Facts are but its shadows,
Truth stands above all sin;
Great be the battle in life,
Truth in the end shall win.

The image of truth is Christ,
Wisdom's message its rod;
Sign of truth is the cross,
Soul of truth is God.

Life of truth is eternal,
Immortal is its past,
Power of truth will endure,
Truth shall hold to the last.

—Muhammad Ali


Unity of Oak Park is dedicated to teaching Spiritual Truth; awakening individuals to the indwelling Christ -  I AM; and putting into practice Universal Laws of Love, Peace, Prosperity, and Healing.

Affiliated with Unity Institute and Seminary,   Unity Village, MO

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