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There is an eternal quality in life, an indestructibility and persistence to the life idea.  Life is a living, moving, evolving, unfolding process.  As we enlarge our view and lift up our concept of life we are able to perceive.  Man is an eternal creation of the Creator, moving forward in life, that is without beginning or end.  Life cannot be contained in a few years of existence, nor bound or defined by any one experience.  The invisible Presence is the Cause desiring self-expression through us; it is the insistent urge compelling us to move forward.  Even when the way seems full of twists and turns, progress is made.  The Truth is that the soul is patiently and inexorably selecting its way, learning to put on divine qualities that transcend the experience of the moment.  The soul has many roads to take before it attains the full stature of the spiritual Self.  Sometimes the road we are on seems difficult; happenings seem unfair or unjust.  When we learn and gain the needed good and move on to a new road or spiritual experience, things will change.  As we persist in our eternal journey, living each day to the best of our understanding of the eternal quality of life in us we are TRIUMPHANT.


Rev. Helice Greene



“It has been said “Change is the master law.”  Everything and everyone is in the process of renewal.  In fact, this ceaseless change is the open door to possibility of our Dominion and Authority.  Creation is the constant act of renewal.  All of us must be consciously aware of habit-bound thinking for it is a place of stagnation.


Our message is one of abundance . . . restored to our God-state as we work sincerely with THE LAW.  The laws of prosperity are based on the work and teachings of the great Physician.


We are told LOVE awakens the song that sleeps in the heart.  It joins the faculty of WISDOM in thoughtfulness, generosity, and peace inviting the ETERNAL LIGHT to cast out darkness.  It is the path to freedom from criticism and becomes the author of prosperity and peace, always beneath the weakness of the human stands the strength of the Divine.  Beneath the ignorance of the human stands Divine Intelligence.  Life calls us to surrender to the CHRIST WITHIN where Paul tells us, “We move from glory to glory.”

Rev. Richard Billings

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We are at that time of year when we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel of winter.  Over the next couple of months we may expect a dramatic transition in temperatures as winter surrenders to spring.  This corresponds to darkness being overcome by light more each day.  In traditional church settings this may be said to correspond symbolically as we move through the experience of the Lenten season, and as that season culminates with the Light of the Resurrection.


It is important to get into step with this transitional season from a spiritual perspective.  It is a gift to be able to look at gorgeous flowers once they are in full bloom.  However, to witness their growth as they move through the process that brings them into full bloom, is to experience their beauty and splendor on a much greater level of appreciation. 


We learn from this that transition is a process, a valuable lesson to apply to our own spiritual journey.  Each progression makes us ready for the next.  Each step of growth is appreciated, honored, embraced, and yet, eventually, it needs to be released to make room for what is yet to be.  Each new step is to be celebrated, but never may be a place to stop.


Meditation and prayer guides us through the process, and helps us to understand that all journeys of great distance consist of a series of smaller ones.  It is why Jesus preceded manifesting his Light with a time of prayer and fasting in the desert.  As the days grow longer and the light grows stronger, we are called to align ourselves accordingly with the Light within, always bringing ourselves into fuller bloom.


Rev. Michael Korpan


Unity of Oak Park is dedicated to teaching Spiritual Truth; awakening individuals to the indwelling Christ -  I AM; and putting into practice Universal Laws of Love, Peace, Prosperity, and Healing.

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Member of The Association of Unity Churches



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