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By far the most precious gift we receive as a result of our discovery of the truth of our being is the knowledge that we are FREE. Yet, everywhere we look today, we see people struggling for personal freedom while acting out a belief and self-image of personal bondage. Often the word “freedom” is universally misunderstood. Freedom, IF defined by the absence of literal chains, exists for many. IF freedom means the ability to leave the constraints of daily awareness; IF freedom means having a limitless vision; IF freedom means resourcefulness and self-reliance; IF freedom means living in a spiritual dimension; then freedom exists for very few. Freedom is a noble concept born in the omniscient Mind of God and implanted in the soul of each individual as part of our divine heritage. Independence is our birthright regardless of the conditions of our lives. As divine souls we can choose to be free or not according to our own consciousness. Freedom is not an escape -- it is a creative act. It is the choice to turn within and release more of our inner gifts and resources. “The history of free individuals is never written by chance but by choice – their choice.” Freedom is not doing what you want…it is becoming what you have been created to be. We are here for a great and wonderful purpose. We are here to take our own divine place in the universe. Our divine place in the universe is a place of balance, serving the invisible and adjusting to the visible. It empowers us to know the power of Spirit in the midst of humanity; to know that as sons and daughters of God we are both human and divine. Let us expand our consciousness beyond the personal, beyond the temporal, beyond the limited aspects of human sense and human personality into a consciousness of the UNIVERSAL REALITY. There must be a healing of all separation and duality so we can freely live in UNITY and ONENESS.


Rev. Helice Greene


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405 N Euclid Ave
Oak Park, IL 60302

Phone: 708-848-0960
Fax: 708-848-0158
E-Mail: unity@unityoakpark.org


The goal of each and every person is to come into the realization that our work is for the purpose of expressing our God-given talents and developing the skills that open the way for prosperity to be made manifest. This is both for the personal self and the Spiritual Idea we are. The idea we only work to receive is a form of false prosperity. We work enabling us to receive and in return we give. We give of our talents, knowledge, and compassion opening the doors of possibility for the gift of return. All of us reach a point where the concept of supply becomes a fascinating experience in working with the law of increase. The balance sheets of life are always operating to maintain order in our world of experience. Prayer plays an important role in our security and is not based on magic. It is the activity of a mind full of appreciation and praise. Our plan is to pray for the SPIRIT OF ABUNDANCE to fill our hearts and minds with a consciousness of INFINITE SUPPLY. We must build an inner sense of security and know the ETERNAL TRUTH regarding the bounty of our universe. Mental and spiritual work are required to free ourselves from limiting thoughts and feelings. Our ability to enjoy supply for every need begins within us. Our physical expression is only the out-picturing of the inner resources we have connected with. In the book, “Wells of Abundance,” we read: “I AM FILLED WITH THE WISDOM, LOVE, POWER, AND SUBSTANCE OF GOD. AS AN IRRESISTABLE MAGNET, I DRAW TO ME ALL THAT IS NEEDFUL FOR THE COMPLETE EXPRESSION OF LIFE.” Be alert, watch for opportunities to serve and be willing to step forth in giving. Know it is God’s will you enjoy your journey on the earth and the fullness thereof. Know we walk “IN THE FIELDS ALREADY WHITE UNTO HARVEST,” and let us remember the days of our planting.


Rev. Richard Billings




Unity of Oak Park is dedicated to teaching Spiritual Truth; awakening individuals to the indwelling Christ -  I AM; and putting into practice Universal Laws of Love, Peace, Prosperity, and Healing.

Affiliated with Unity Institute and Seminary,   Unity Village, MO

Member of The Association of Unity Churches


9:00 AM & 11:00 AM SERVICES



Father Always Knows Best!
Stanley Griffin, Guest Speaker


Pay Attention to Details
Rev. Helice Greene


Embracing the Life Force Within
Ryan Priester


A Pearl of Great Price

Rev. James Parker, Sr. Minister Candidate




Spiritual Independence
Rev. Helice Greene


The Art of Living with Nothing and No One Against You
Christine Garza, LUT Candidate


Destiny at My Command
Rev, Helice Greene


I AM That I AM Becoming!

Rev. Patty Pipia, Guest Speaker



Love Never Ends
Rev, Helice Greene












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