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One seeking Unity membership should have a desire to know and follow God’s spiritual laws of the Universe. At Unity we believe in many paths to God. Joining Unity of Oak Park, allows you the freedom to live life as the Universe and the Spirit guides you.

We realize that while we all may march to a different drummer, we play in the same Universal band.

Your partnership with Unity of Oak Park affirms your commitment to a spiritual journey with like-minded people, classes and instruction.

Coming together in a Christ consciousness and, together, seeking the Universal God like wisdom of the universe, together we can share love and God’s blessings can flow through and to you and your loved ones, family and the world.

Unity of Oak Park opens to you a way of living life and developing the Whole Self. We encourage you to love and accept all humans unconditionally, practice living truth principles daily, and to work on developing the Christ in You. Our promise to you as a ministry is to help support, inspire and lift you into living a more fulfilling, Christ Consciousness filled life. May the love and peace of God surround you in all that you do as you venture forth into the light.

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